Sunday, February 12, 2017

Five years gone...

Like the Led Zep song, "Ten  Years Gone" here I am again, picking up the ball and running with it online.  Lot of things have changed career-wise, but still plugging away at the game of life with a political eye.

Look for more soon on music, politics, jukeboxes, and travel.  cheers - SB

Friday, November 9, 2012

Burn coal...breath air...die....

Okay, haven't been here for a while...but I discovered this great blog by a guy named Lou called "The Cost of Energy." Not your typical liberal whining, but a good look at the facts and figures behind global warming and I think you should check it out.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Case for the Moody Blues

So many bands, so little time. My quest in the next two summers is to fill out my R&R Hall of Fame concert card, which presently stands around 30+ performers that I have seen in concert.

I have many left that are actually still performing and others who may be on life support.

So I have made up a list and will attempt to track down (hunt down?) some of them and see a show.

Also a link to a way cool site, the Vintage Vinyl News. Which brings me to the topic of today's rant.....the Moody Blues should be in the Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blackberry Playbook vs. iPad

Blackberry's development team has revealed "the Playbook"

See the debut of the Playbook at the Adobe MAX conference:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Library and the download

I sit on a municipal library board and the buzz is all about devices and downloads. Yet the library I am associated with is a small city one and financially challenged. The public presses them regularly about having the latest gadget or widget, and the librarians themselves admit it is difficult to separate buzz from reality.

Remember the videodisc? The road to hell is paved with videodisc players and discs that were meant to be the "future." Let's see what comes of the discussion and how the big boys (read, University and big city libraries) lead the way.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My name is Scott B. Barnett...the "B" stands for Brian.

I am the instructor for MK 241, Internet Marketing, a turbo class on Tuesday nights at the Dolan School of Business at Fairfield University.

I attended Syracuse University from 1978-1982, graduating with a B.S. in Television and Radio Production. After a few years producing medical videos for the AVM Corporation, I then took on the role of Audiovisual Manager at the Hospital of Saint Raphael, in New Haven, CT. During this time I began and completed studies at Fairfield University, earning a M.S. in Educational Technology in 1993.

I played with AV toys for about ten years, then moved on to Quinnipiac University (then College) School of Law....where I was the multimedia coordinator for four years. I also taught adjunct Radio and TV production courses.

In the 1990's, we all heard of this thing called "the Internet" that supposedly Al Gore invented. So at Quinnipiac, I became the web guy. This led me to getting recruited by an interactive ad agency called Modem Media to help produce web sites, in 1999.

It was a heady time then, with us all working crazy hours and burning other companies money. Companies like IBM, Citibank, and Philips had so much of it to we made sites for them to spend it on.

It was a crazy, exciting time. So much so, that Quinnipiac called me back and said "hey, let's create a program about this Internet thing." So we did, and the e-Media program at Quinnpiac was born. What a mistake.

Turns out, colleges and universities are not the greatest at predicting the future (for that matter, neither is Kreskin). But as these things go, the program was hot for a year or two, attracting much student interest (and $$ too). But internal politics and waning student interest (e-Media, just what does that mean?) killed off the undergraduate program and they morphed the graduate program into a sort of e-journalism thing.

I moved on to consult with one of those for-profit schools, then jumped off to New York to lead a crew of young bucks in the Academic Computing department at Sarah Lawrence College. A true academic arena...with students who could expound on everything from A to Z. I did that until my body tired from the travel (three hours daily round trip) and the agency biz came knocking again.

I jumped off to join Ryan Interactive, a go go marketing firm in the Norwalk region. There I got to meet and work with a fine crew of people who did second generation web marketing for companies like Dove, Heineken and Subway. Great people and good times at Ryan, but then I spied a job at Fairfield University. They envisioned a web communications department, with marketing and communications supervision of all the public websites. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, a lifetime spent working towards being a productive thinker, developer, leader and consultant.

So here I am, about ten or eleven paragraphs later....teaching and leading a bit, still learning a lot, and hopefully providing good services to the client community at Fairfield, both internally and externally. Enjoy the blog!